What if the founders of the MYJI STUDIO brand opened up to you a little?

You have more than once seen our faces on instagram and on our website, or had the opportunity to meet us on the different events we did. But all this is way too fast to get to know each other.
Photo fondatrices MYJI STUDIO, éthique éco-responsable et made in France


I am Meggie and it is often me who writes to you through newsletters or Instagram posts. Much less at ease in photography than in writing, I would define my temperament as rather calm and serene. My goal? To find balance, to learn and grow daily to become better every day.

It was after a trip to Montreal, Canada, that I discovered a way of life based on wellness. It is from there that I learned to cultivate my desires and my knowledge to grow internally and feel good. In the company where I worked, we had access to a yoga class once a week and that was the beginning of everything. Afterwards, I did my final fashion study project on this subject. Several months of research and reading have educated me on the subject and today, it has become a way of life. A way of life that we find through MYJI.


I am Myriam, I'm 25 years old and I'm more at ease with photos than with writing or speaking. You often see me presenting the models and letting you discover the news and the progress of our creations on our social networks. And I love to share this with you.

I have always loved creativity, staging and the artistic side of things. It is thus quite naturally that I directed my studies in this direction. During these years, I tried to discover myself, but it is lately that I learned to know who I really am. And who am I really? Simply me, I am simply. Yes, I am strong and I have a shell. Yes, I am honest and caring at the same time. Yes, I am extroverted, but I am also very solitary and I put this temperament at the service of MYJI.


MYJI grows as we grow, with doubts, failures and successes. It is a clever mix of our emotions, our discoveries, the reflection of our changing souls. A vast universe that is built month after month, day after day, minute after minute.

You'll probably tell us that this is not the best strategy to have to grow a brand! But that's what we really want: genuine authenticity.

“ All is simple, but nothing is easy “

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