What do we do with our fabric scraps?

When we talk about MYJI, we describe it as an ethical brand, eco-responsible and French production. Today we are going to explain in more detail why Myji is an eco-responsible brand.

Rouleaux de tissu écru et beige de la marque MYJI Studio

Our observation

A lot of fabrics pile up in warehouses without ever leaving for many years. And why is that? Simply because a large quantity of fabrics is not or no longer used by brands, due to the change of seasons or trends. This call for daily novelty causes this need to create more and more, faster and faster and that Myji does not want!



Kimono en viscose rose pâle et taille unique de la marque MYJI Studio


Initially, we decided that at Myji, we will use these fabrics from end of series. Existing textiles, in small quantities, which allow us to make exclusive collections and almost unique pieces.


Sweat upcyclé n°60 en chutes de différentes matières de la marque MYJI Studio


In a second time, after having created our models, we recover all our scraps at our seamstresses to realize still new clothes or accessories. This work is long, patience the key word, but the result is incredible!

We let you discover these little wonders made from fabric scraps: our upcycled sweaters totally unique.

I discover the collection of pieces made of fabric scraps

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