Behind MYJI are two young French designers, Meggie & Myriam, who decided to link their worlds through their passion, fashion.

Myriam et Meggie - Fondatrices de la marque MYJI Studio

Myji Studio is not a simple brand, it is a story, a sharing, a dream, a way of seeing the world. Two young women that everything opposed see their existence take all its meaning. An immediate love affair on their design school bench where their creative spirit will shake up the thread of their lives. Independent and ambitious women, their strength will draw their destiny.

Tissu, textile, laine écrue upcylé mode éthique éco-responsable et made in France - MYJI Studio

On November 18, 2018, MYJI Studio was born. This ethical, eco-responsible and 100% French produced fashion brand is part of a loungewear style, mixing comfort and trend from pleasant materials, in order to provide a feeling of well-being.
Each MYJI garment and home accessory is simple and uncluttered, with special care given to the smallest detail.

Tissus upcylclé de fins de series - Atelier d'insértion professionnelle ( Amarrage)

Our values

MYJI Studio claims authentic fashion: the clothes are simple and original, comfortable and design. They can be worn as well at the office, while telecommuting or on weekends, in a slow-fashion approach.

MYJI an eco-responsible fashion: we select fabrics mainly in natural materials, from end of series and reuse our fabric scraps to fight against the overproduction of textile waste in the fashion industry.

It is also an ethical and French-produced brand: our creations are produced in a social purpose company - Amarrage - a French integration workshop that, through the work of dressmaking, helps women in search of a new balance and a qualifying professional experience.

His mission is to create leisurewear collections, consisting of clothes that can be worn indoors as well as outdoors, clothes that you feel good in and that comfort your body and mind.
We are also committed to creating small collections, to avoid unsold items, to offer new items often and to offer customers the privilege of choosing almost unique pieces.

Respecting the material, the one who works it and the one who wears it is part of our values.
See these models as exceptional pieces, designed in beautiful materials and manufactured in an ever more ethical and human production framework.

MYJI : French, ethical and eco-friendly

Manteaux n°10 - En coton gris foncé et laine cotelee ecrue

The number 10

Coat n°10 is the first model in the MYJI collection, it immediately became our "numero uno".

It was born from a desire to create the ideal coat, the one that fits your body type and follows you through all the stages of your life. It is simple, sophisticated, simply refined. This mid-season model can be worn in multiple ways; tied in front, as well as behind, open as well as closed.

A sublime harmony between comfort and elegance emerges and reinforces the idea that this discovery will not be found elsewhere.

I discover this wonder